About Rachael

The pictures I create most often combine things I love very much, namely animals, a happy domestic life, and pens with the smallest nibs I can buy without a license. My art features detailed linework and patterning, punctuated with familiar animals in surprising locations. The animal silhouettes capture their essence, rather than representing a specific creature. I draw inspiration from the works of Edward Gorey, Lisa Congdon, and Garth Williams: I find their lines and their atmosphere compelling.

My art always starts with fine lines drawn with ultra-fine-point ink pens. I wish I could say that all my work appears on archival-quality, acid-free paper, but because my designs spring forth unbidden whenever I have pen, paper, and time, some art appears on printer paper, note cards, and shipping invoices. I don’t put these “extra” pieces up for sale, but the images and ideas that first appear on tattered envelopes and mailing labels often make their way into the formally-available pieces.